As industry leaders, it is our mission to ensure that our customers are as educated and informed as they want to be about mold-related issues, and that they can find trustworthy information here on our site.

We’ve created this Mold Resource page to help customers understand the process and methodologies of our mold assessment and remediation processes, as well as to connect with other relevant resources that we have developed.


Before Assessment

If you have discovered mold or smell a musty odor in your home, call Branch Environmental for a fully trained and experienced mold assessment technician to conduct a thorough whole-home mold inspection.

Prior to your appointment, we will email you a photograph and biography of the technician that will be inspecting your home so you will know exactly whom to expect. Please be prepared for your home inspection by moving any furniture or belongings that obstruct the area of concern and ensure that access to the crawlspace and attic are available.

The most important points to keep in mind are:

• Exposure to mold can lead to serious health issues. The more you are exposed, the more you are at risk.
• An experienced professional, like the staff at Branch, is your best choice for assessing and remediating mold in your home.

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During Assessment and Remediation

One of our trained technicians will inspect your entire home and determine the extent and cause of the mold problem and will discuss options for correcting the problem and cleaning the mold.

Your inspection report will include pictures of the affected areas, a description of the mold problem, an explanation of the causal factors and the steps we recommend to correct the problem. We will provide a free estimate for correcting the contributing factors and remediating the mold using the best methods for your specific situation.

The most important points to keep in mind are:

• We inspect your whole home in order to identify the underlying cause of the mold and any other factors that could negatively impact indoor air quality.
• If the moisture or ventilation problem that caused the mold growth is not corrected, then the mold will return. Simply cleaning the mold is not the solution.
• We provide you with the best solution for mold remediation by tailoring treatment to your circumstances.

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After Remediation

Once the mold remediation is complete, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the problem has been corrected, the mold has been removed and Branch stands behind their work with an industry leading five year warranty.

The most important points to keep in mind are:

• We strive to leave your home better than we found it by thoroughly cleaning and removing any indication that we were there other than the lack of mold.
• We fully warranty our work for five years with a written guarantee.
• Your final payment is not due until after the work is completed and you are completely satisfied.

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