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fresh air

There are numerous environmental issues that, if ignored, can cause many problems in the home or workplace. Air quality is directly affected by these issues, and Branch Environmental is here to identify and address these negative sources of your air quality concerns. If you are curious to know what these environmental hazards might be, we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about how you can improve your environment.

Air quality is something that is continually affected by our environment, whether it is in a good way or bad. There are environmental sources that enhance air quality, such as trees in oxygen production for us, or lightning in nitrogen diffusion for plants. However, poor air quality can also develop from a countless number of sources, cause sickness or disease, and prohibit people from enjoying a clean environment. Asbestos, lead, and mold are three major culprits that affect air quality. However, there are a vast number of additional causes that are often less apparent.

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral often used in construction that becomes extremely dangerous if disturbed, emitted into the air, and inhaled. Breathing in asbestos could eventually lead to lung cancer or mesothelioma. We are trained and licensed to inspect for, handle, and dispose of asbestos.

Lead can also be inhaled if there are fine particles or lead dust present, but most of the time it is ingested. Children typically are more at risk to ingest lead by normal hand-to-mouth activity. Lead exposure can lead to brain damage, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, and many other illnesses. Branch Environmental is licensed to perform lead inspections and abatements.

As long as there is moisture and oxygen present, any damp area could begin to develop mold. Mold requires water to survive and continue to grow. If mold remains on the surface of building materials for too long, it can eventually destroy it. Mold can also influence health. We offer mold inspections and remediation of the area affected. If the damaged material is not salvageable, Branch Contractors is experienced to assist in restoration.

When poor air quality is not specifically linked to asbestos, lead, or mold, our Branch Environmental team does not stop there. We then use our vast knowledge and investigation skills to thoroughly probe the area and pinpoint the source of our customer’s concern. It is our standard to perform beyond your requirements, and it is our goal to keep your environment healthy.

Do you think that you may have an issue that affects the air quality of your home or business?