mold removal

We just completed a large mold remediation and restoration project for a federal facility. We were initially called in to do a visual mold assessment to determine the extent of the mold along with the cause. This one actually had multiple sources, including toilet leaks, water line leaks, ice maker leaks, and an HVAC unit issue as well. The mold remediation scope that we presented required extensive interior demolition to interior drywall walls, cabinets, and trim. Once all of the molded materials were removed, we were to thoroughly clean and remove any residual mold, then purify all the interior air with air scrubbers and ozone generators. Once all of the mold remediation was complete, our next task was reconstruction.

Typically, a mold remediation company would pack up their bags and leave once the mold remediation was complete and pass the reconstruction on to a repair contractor. This is where the customer receives a huge benefit. By using the Branch companies, there is absolutely no gap between the remediation and reconstruction. We mobilized eleven men to this project, including: mold remediators, electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, trim carpenters, and painters. We performed a pre-construction walk-thru so that everyone completely understood the scope of work and the exact details of what was to take place. Our project included roughly 5000 square feet of building area. Did I mention this was a dental and medical facility under full operation? This means that not only did we have a huge project, but we also had to pull it off with staff and patients all around. We were also responsible for moving and resetting all of the furniture and equipment. Every move had to be carefully planned and strategic so that disturbance to the operations in the facility was kept to a minimum. We kept the entire work area clean and neat. Our crew worked extremely fast but in absolute unison and harmony. To top it all off; we completed this entire project in four days. Wow!

I am overly thankful to have such a wonderful crew that is able to pull off major projects with absolute excellence.

How would using Branch to perform your project with such smooth speed and excellence benefit you and your company or family? And please, if you ever see something like the below, call us!