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Deesha Hagwood
Deesha Hagwood
12:46 07 Nov 19
Our family has been neighbors of Branch Environmental for many years, although just had our first interaction with them from a customer standpoint recently. I am a research oriented person, so I check and double check references before working with any company for a product or service for my home. Branch Environmental came highly recommended across multiple channels. The excellent standard of service i read about is exactly our experience after having them come to our home recently for the Mold, Allergy and Air Quality inspection, and subsequent process. If you are looking for a company that has the factors of excellence, integrity, and solutions, you will not go wrong with this one!read more
Nathan Nix
Nathan Nix
13:38 10 Sep 19
My youngest daughter has special needs and allergy issues can sometimes lead to week long hospital visits. David the owner came in March and thoroughly inspected our basement alerting us to mold and allergy issues that were present. Now that they've been remediated, we can sleep peacefully knowing the air we are breathing isn't working against us. I 100% recommend this company!read more
Sharyn Dickerson
Sharyn Dickerson
12:25 27 Aug 19
After a sewer backup left City Hall a mess, Branch Environmental quickly stepped in; helping to assess the damage, schedule the clean up, and assist with necessary repairs and installation of new flooring. The City is pleased that they chose to locate their business in Watkinsville and are glad to have them as a community more
Krysta Kchandler1213
Krysta Kchandler1213
23:47 11 Aug 19
I am very disappointed in the response I have received from Branch Environmental. I have reached out to you guys on several occasions with little to no response. There was “miscommunication” on getting samples taken at my home. I knew there was mold, I needed you guys to come out and tell me the extent, what kind of mold and what you would need to do to fix the problem as well as cost. I knew there was mold and that is about the only thing I’ve been made aware of. I have now paid another mold company to come out to assess the problem take samples since you failed to do so. I would like to be refunded the $425 that I was charged. I do not feel like you did a full service and still I was suppose to get a call back on why David made the decision to not sample any of the mold. No one made me aware that samples were not being taken. You guys were told the severity of my child’s health. There were 3 different types of mold discovered upstairs. One to be very toxic and the others are allergens which affect kids with more
Ken Dover
Ken Dover
20:12 08 Aug 19
Working with Branch was the best customer service experience I have ever had. We had a lot of anxiety about asbestos removal in an area in our home under renovation. Branch provided detailed information about the job and were very reassuring. They performed the work to perfection and left the area amazingly clean. Everyone I have spoken with has been so friendly, understanding and willing to share information about asbestos abatement and other topics. I highly recommend Branch!read more
Bob Bruce
Bob Bruce
14:39 30 Jul 19
Very impressive, knowledgeable and helpful. I had water damage with mold problems and they knew how to handle it. Nice more
Ashley Revell
Ashley Revell
13:36 26 Jul 19
Very informative. Branch does a clean and thorough job. Would absolutely recommend.
Niki Harper
Niki Harper
13:00 26 Jul 19
Branch Environmental has a professional, courteous staff that does a thorough, excellent job. They are an honest company that you can trust to tell you what will be best for your home or more
Tarkeshwar Singh Rathod
Tarkeshwar Singh Rathod
13:47 15 Jul 19
We recently found a leak in our kitchen ceiling and contacted Branch Environmental to come take a look. This was over the weekend and late in the evening. They contacted us the first thing the next morning, also contacted our insurance and began the clean-up process within a couple of hours. Brandon Harper (from Branch Environmental) and his crew were very professional, communicative and up-front about the process and the time it would take to find the source of the leak. After the clean-up, they even recommended a contractor to fix the ceiling, who did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. I really felt like I could trust Brandon and his team completely and I would strongly recommend them. They are awesome!read more
maria dondero
maria dondero
23:04 19 Oct 18
We had such an incredible experience with Branch Environmental when a massive oak tree hit my pottery studio piercing 4 areas of the roof and leaving extensive water damage. Everyone we worked with at Branch was very kind, hard working and fast, helping us deal with this tragic event. Owner David Branch and his project manager Brandon Harper went above and beyond to help us out with speed and compassion in our time of crisis. I can't say enough good things about them! We are lucky to have them in our more
Rebecca Floyd
Rebecca Floyd
16:17 27 Feb 18
I highly recommend Branch Environmental. We had a water damage issue that led to the discovery of asbestos in our flooring and walls. The folks at Branch were so helpful throughout the abatement process. The staff were easy to reach, quick to return calls, and went above and beyond in reassuring me about the safety of my home. They were helpful in dealing with our insurance company, and their removal crew was fast and left our place in great shape. Don't hesitate to call Branch, they are more
Katherine Boley
Katherine Boley
04:11 08 Nov 17
I highly recommend working with Branch Environmental! They did the lead and asbestos testing needed in preparation for the renovation of our 1912 home and then did the necessary asbestos removal. The scheduling, testing, and removal were all done very efficiently. The work site was kept in and left in a neat manner and David and Ashley were a pleasure to work more
Steve Piazza
Steve Piazza
16:55 03 Oct 17
The staff at Branch Environmental was very professional and extremely committed to answer all the questions we had. They showed that they are knowledgeable and we felt confident in their assessment. There was never any pressure sign on for services that they offer. It's the right way to do more
Lucy Harrison
Lucy Harrison
19:47 07 Aug 17
Very professional and easy to work with. Asbestos abatement is pricey, but their costs were comparable to the other quotes I received. They finished when they said they would, and the work looks more
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The Beyond Mold Inspection

There are many reasons you may need a mold inspection. We’ve seen them all.

You may suspect mold growing in your home that is impacting the health of your family. Chronic cough, unexplained allergy symptoms, restless sleep are all signs that may present with exposure to mold.

Perhaps there is a musty smell you can’t quite pinpoint. Or maybe you even see mold growing in certian areas of your home.

Branch Environmental is a crew of professionals passionate about treating each and every home we walk into like it is our own. We are committed to understanding the issue you are facing and digging deep until we identify the problem.

Our Mold Services

Mold Inspections

We take a comprehensive approach to mold inspections of your home. If you or your loved ones are being impacted by mold, we won’t stop digging until we find the source and can offer a solution.

Air Quality Assesments

Most people don’t realize that there are many other factors to your air quality than mold. Our Indoor Air Quality assessment team is trained to look at the big picture and identify anything that is contaminating the air you breathe.

Mold Remediation

Taking care of the mold in your home is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. At all stages of the job, cleanliness and safety are our first priorities. We’ll follow a protocol developed specifically for your needs.

What is Mold?

Simply put, mold is a naturally occurring fungus that is present in the world around us. Mold spreads by creating spores. These spores float around the air until they find a suitable place to land and thrive. Namely, they are looking for a good food source, moisture, and warm air.

When Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

There are svereal scenarios where it makes sense to get a professional mold inspection.

  1. You see mold spores. Visible mold spores often indicate hidden mold.
  2. Your family has unexplained symptoms. If you have chronic cough or allergy symptoms, mold could be a contributing factor.
  3. You smell something musty. A mold inspection can get to the bottom of smells in your home.
  4. You are purchasing a home. A mold inspection before you close can save you big time in the long run!

What Is A Mold Inspection

That’s a great question. You can pick up DIY mold test kits on the cheap, but a professional inspection gets you so much more.

If your are reading this page, there is a good chance you know you have mold. You don’t really need a test to confirm that. What you need is a professional to figure out the full extent of your mold issues, what the underlying cause is, and what you need to do to fix it.

A mold inspection from Branch Environmental goes well beyond telling you that you have mold. Our professional inspectors dig deep. We start by listening to your concerns and figure out how mold is impacting your life. From there, we move to the entire building envelope of your home.

We start in the crawlspace and go to the attic, looking at everything in-between.

Our objectives for mold inspections are:

  1. Understand your concerns and how your life is being impacted
  2. Determine the extent of mold contamination that does exist
  3. Identify what allowed the mold to grow
  4. Identify any areas of potential concern for future mold growth
  5. Deliver a detailed report with our findings and reccomended protocol for correction

Why Choose Branch?

You are putting a lot of trust in the person that inspects your home for mold. At Branch Environmental, we deliver the best and treat each and every home like it is our own.

We’re not a national franchise, we’re a team of dedicated professionals that live, work and play right here in Athens, GA. We are committed to this community and love serving the state of Georgia.

Our reputation is top-notch. We’ve got a 5 star review rating on both Google and Facebook, and hundreds of satisfied clients on top of that.

What to do when you see mold:

  1. Call Branch Environmental. If you suspect a mold problem, the faster you can get a professional mold inspection the better chance you have of controling potential damage.
  2. Isolate the area. If the mold is contained in a certian space, anything you can do to seperate that space from the rest of the house will help. You may simply close doors, or hang plastic with painter’s tape to block off the area.
  3. Look for Water Leaks. Mold needs water to reproduce. While you may simply have a humidity issue, it is also possible that a roof or plumbing leak is causing the mold. Get these issues corrected as soon as you can.
  4. Stay Healthy. While mold can have severe health effects, there is no need to panic. Think about how the mold is affecting you and your family, and take appropriate steps to minimize exposure. You may be able to avoid a certain room, or you may decide to leave the house while the problem is being resolved.
  5. Remediate the Mold. A DIY effort here can lead to bigger problems. It’s easy to spread mold spores into unaffected areas, and it’s easy to leave mold spores behind to repeat the problem in a few more months. In most cases, a professional mold remediation is the best way to protect your home and solve your problem.
  6. Correct the Moisture. After you have invested in a mold remediation, that last thing you want is for it to return. Make sure you have eliminated the source of moisture that allowed for mold growth in the first place.

Branch Environmental

  • Serving Athens for 20+ Years

  • An Expert Team You Can Trust

  • Fast & Professional Response

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Mold Cleaning & Remediation

Any home or place of work can develop mold. It’s no reflection on your cleanliness or housekeeping!

When humidity or water is introduced into the environment, mold is generally able to reproduce and thrive. Often, this happens in hidden nooks and crannies that are out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

We approach each mold cleanup with the best our industry has to offer, following a proven protocol customized to your specific need.

  1. Identify the source & define the extent
  2. Isolate the impacted area and prevent cross-contamination
  3. Establish air filtration
  4. Remove non-salvageable materials
  5. Clean spores from impacted surfaces
  6. HEPA Vacuum
  7. Apply anti-microbial
  8. Clean & remove containment area

Identifying the Problem

Often, the first indication of mold issues are the symptoms experienced by the people living in the home. Allergies, headaches, poor sleep… the list goes on. People have symptoms that they just can’t pinpoint. Somewhere along the line, they realize that their home may be a contributing factor.

At Branch Environmental, we hear the story all to often. People are not living comfortably in their own home.

Our Indoor Air Quality inspection team is the absolute best at what they do. Home inspections from Branch Environmental dive deep into the structure of your home & mechanical systems. We assess your entire building envelope to determine any potential source of mold or other contaminants.

Beyond looking at your home, we take the time to figure out exactly how mold is impacting your quality of life, and any other contributing factors.

Your Solution

Call Branch Environmental today. The health of your family and the investment of your home is worth protecting.

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