Mold Cleaning & Remediation

If you are facing a mold remediation project, you may be a bit overwhelmed. We are here to guide you through every step of the project. The truth is that mold remediation is not as complicated as you may assume, and you will not have to tear down your house to get the mold out!

A mold remediation will involve removing or cleaning all contaminated material, then putting things back together. Because mold is an environmental toxin, several extra steps will be followed to prevent spores from further contaminating your home. Here is the process:

  1. Define the scope of the mold remediation. We will investigate your entire property to determine exactly where the work needs to happen and how far it needs to extend.
  2. Safety. Protecting occupants and workers is our first priority.
  3. Containment. A mold cleaning will involve disturbing spores and may include removing drywall and other building material. Containing the work area to prevent spores from spreading is critical.
  4. Mold removal. Some material will need to be removed and disposed of. Others will be cleaned. We use safe and environmentally friendly processes to physically remove mold at the source.
  5. Moisture removal. If you don’t fix the source of moisture, mold will return. This is the time to address draining, roof leaks, or anything else that contributed to your mold problem.
  6. Restoration. Putting your home back to it’s original condition is the final step of a remediation.

Will you have to gut my home?

Chances are that we will not need to bring in a wrecking ball. If mold is inside walls or under floors, we will have to remove material to clean. We will work slowly to remove only as much as is necessary.

If you only have surface mold, we may be able to clean without removing anything.

This all sounds expensive…

It does not have to be expensive to clean mold from your home. In fact, you may be able to clean surface mold in places like bathrooms yourself with basic supplies from the hardware store. Difficult locations such as a crawlspace or inside walls are best left to the pros.

How do you keep mold out of the rest of my house?

We set up plastic containment walls to isolate the work area. All dust and spores will be confined. Negative air machines will be used to exhaust air from the containment area to the outside, preventing cross contamination.

What if mold is in my crawlspace?

Crawlspace cleaning is a type of mold remediation. We will remove insulation and clean floor joists and other surfaces by hand. After cleaning, an antimicrobial agent can be used to keep mold spores from growing again.

Can mold get in the air ducts?

Yes, you may have mold spores on your HVAC vents or inside the ducts. In these cases, your remediation will include air duct cleaning.

Will the mold come back in a few years?

If you do not correct the source of moisture, the mold will likely return. Depending on your situation, we will work with you to determine the best preventative measures to take.