Mold & Air Quality Inspections

Our approach to mold inspections is a little different than most in the industry. We do not believe that finding mold and telling you what type it is is really what you are after. If you are reading this page, something is impacting your life. Maybe you are sick and you suspect there is something going on inside your home. Maybe there has been a water leak and you are not sure if mold is inside your walls. Maybe you are seeing spores and want to be sure things do not get out of hand…

Whatever your reason, you need a solution that goes beyond finding and identifying mold spores.

Our Approach

We don’t like to say that we are giving you a mold inspection. We believe that “Indoor Air Quality Assesment” is a much better fit.

  1. We start by talking to you or the building occupants and figuring out exactly what it is that is cause for concern. Often people will call for a mold inspection because that is all they know to ask for. Many times, the problem goes deeper. We want to find out what you have seen or felt that lead you to call us. How long has the problem been going on? What recent changes or updates to the home have been made? What are you experiencing that needs to be corrected?
  2. Next, we will survey your home and look at the immediate areas of concern.
  3. After surveying the obvious issues, we keep digging. What may appear to be a straightforward solution could be more than meets the eye. By looking at roofs, attics, crawlspaces and all the other nooks and crannies we will ensure that we get the full picture of what is going on and can offer a comprehensive evaluation.
  4. Finally, we will deliver the results in a report with our findings as well as suggested steps for removing contamination and correcting the underlying causes.

Air Sampling

Air sampling can be a great tool to use as part of a comprehensive assessment. If analyzed alone, however, air sample results can be misleading. We know that mold naturally occurs in the air we breathe. Air samples can be used along with other information to isolate specific areas of concern or help identify different mold varieties present in your home.

The truth is, we are often able to provide you a comprehensive evaluation without the extra expense of air sampling.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Over our many years of experience, we have found that free estimates do not serve our clients well. You may believe that you have a simple issue and only need someone to give you a price for a job such as a crawlspace cleaning. If you are investing in cleaning mold from your home, however, it is much better to take the extra time and effort to understand the true extent of your issue and ensure that the problem will not return.

Our Inspection Reports include detailed descriptions and photographs of what we find, along with a recommended protocol for mold remediation and correction of underlying issues. You are then able to present this information to contractors so they can provide estimates to an exact specification.