Mold In Your Crawlspace?

If you live in Georgia and have a crawlspace… chances are there are some signs of mold growth. Our hot and humid summers provide an ideal environment for mold to grow, and the crawlspace is an easy target. This area is out-of-sight; out-of-mind for most homeowners and mold can get out of hand before it is discovered.

Signs of mold in your crawlspace

Mold growth in a crawlspace can go unnoticed in some cases for years. If you don’t have a reason to go down there, chances are you don’t! A little detective work can help you know if you have an issue worth investigating further.

  • Is your crawlspace musty? If you stick your head in the crawlspace and smell a damp, musty odor, chances are good that the environment is favorable for mold growth.
  • Does water drain towards your house? The grade around your house should direct water away from the crawlspace, but if there are any areas where water flows towards your home, chances are you have excessive moisture.
  • Is there condensation on the air ducts? When you look into the crawlspace on a hot summer day, can you see water dripping off pipes and air ducts? This is an indicator of high humidity levels and poor ventilation.
  • Do you see signs of mold on the floor joists or insulation? Mold growth in crawlspaces is most often found on the floor joists, subfloor, or insulation. It can be green, black, white or a variety of other colors.
  • Have you ever had a water leak or water damage?  If you have, there is a chance there is residual water damage in the crawlspace that may be allowing mold to grow in an isolated area.

How do I clean mold in my crawlspace?

The crawlspace is one of the most difficult areas to work in. This is one area that is more that most DIYers care to take on themselves. It is dirty work that is best left to the pros.

Our mold remediation technicians will begin by assessing the condition of your crawlspace and determining what it will take to access the impacted area. Many times, insulation will need to be removed from the floor joists. We will then clean all the surface areas including floor joists, subfloor, air ducts, water pipes, wires and any other mechanical components that are showing visible mold spores.

In some cases, we may determine that hand cleaning is the best approach. Other times we will utilize specialized equipment such as a soda blaster.

The last step is to apply a mold control agent to the crawlspace to inhibit re-growth of mold spores.

We only use safe and gentle products to ensure your home is ready to live in immediately. There is no reason to replace the mold with another harmful chemical.

How do I keep mold from returning?

We recommend correcting any drainage or humidity issues prior to investing and a crawlspace cleaning. This ensures that mold will not return once we leave.

Every circumstance is unique, but mold can be controlled by reducing humidity and improving air circulation. The most cost effective way to address these issues is to install a full vapor barrier that is taped at the seams and leaves no gaps between the walls. In addition to a vapor barrier, running circulation fans and making sure vents are unobstructed will help control the moist air.

The ultimate solution to mold in your crawlspace is to fully encapsulate and condition the area. While this will be an investment, it is the most effective approach to eliminating mold.

How much does crawlspace cleaning cost?

There are several factors that will determine the cost of your mold remediation. How severe is the mold growth? Does it cover the entire space or only an isolated area? Do the ducts and mechanical components need to be cleaned? How difficult is access to the area?

Our team is committed to creating a solution that fits your unique circumstance, so we can’t really give you a ballpark number.

If you have concerns about mold in your crawlspace, the best place to start is by giving us a call and scheduling an Indoor Air Quality assessment with one of our technicians.