Prevent mold in your HVAC

Having mold in your HVAC system is more common than you may think. In fact, when we check an HVAC system during a mold or indoor air quality inspection, we find mold more often than not.

Most of the time the mold is located inside the air handler on the coil. There are two simple reasons for this:

  1. Water is present on the coil when the air conditioner is running, deposited as moisture is removed from the air during cooling.
  2. Air filters inadequately prevent dust (mold candy) from being deposited on the coil, usually because they are of poor quality, do not fit properly, or are missing altogether.

Once mold has begun growing inside the air handler, mold spores are blown into the home’s living space every time the heat or air conditioner runs. This compromises indoor air quality and can cause additional mold growth inside the ductwork and the home.

To Prevent Mold, Keep Dust Out

So how do you prevent mold inside the air handler if you cannot remove all mold spores from the air or keep the coil dry during the summer?

To prevent dust from coming into contact with the coil inside the HVAC air handler, ensure that you have a high quality, appropriately sized air filter that is changed on a regular basis.

What to Do When You Find Mold in the HVAC

If you have mold inside your HVAC air handler, it’s best to have a professional clean the coil, fan, and possibly the ductwork. This is a service that most HVAC and mechanical contractors offer. Just be sure to look at the coil yourself before they close the unit up, or ask for pictures to verify that the contractor has done a thorough job.

How Branch Environmental Can Help

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the potential for mold in your HVAC system or if you would like to schedule a mold or indoor air quality inspection.

Check out our additional resources on mold and indoor air quality, and stay tuned for an explanation of how to check and change your air filter.