House Fire

The 4th of July is a day away. You’ve got the grill and the fireworks ready to go. Now is a great time to stop and make sure you’re ready to celebrate safely.

An average of 18,500 fires are started every year by fireworks. We are in the fire damage cleanup business, so we see it all. One thing we know is that the person calling never thought it would happen to them.

Fire damage to property and injuries can often be avoided, especially around holiday celebrations. Here are 10 tips to make sure you have fun, stay safe, and don’t end up calling us the next day to start putting your fire-damaged home back together.

10 Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday

  1. Don’t mix drugs & alcohol with fire. This one may seem obvious, but let a “designated lighter” handle the fireworks.
  2. Make sure your grill has a wide clear zone. Move it away from the wall and be sure there are no trash cans or other flammables nearby.
  3. Take care of your used coals. It’s easy to forget about the clean up once the celebration starts, but used coals should be transferred to a metal container.
  4. Ensure an adult is present during fireworks. This one may be even more obvious than the alcohol tip, but all fireworks should be supervised by an adult… that is responsible enough for the task!
  5. Keep a bucket of water handy. Douse used fireworks before you throw them away and be ready to put out any small fires that start.
  6. Don’t modify your fireworks. Use them as purchased and as instructed.
  7. Don’t light fireworks near flammable materials. Dry grass can quickly catch fire and spread. Take the fireworks to a gravel or concrete surface.
  8. Never light fireworks indoors. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Obey local regulations.
  10. Call 9-1-1 if you see any fires start.

Fireworks are a great way to cut loose and enjoy your holiday. With responsible use, they are also safe and enjoyable. Taking the time to plan ahead can save you from the unexpected.

At Branch Environmental, we meet people in their worst moments. The moments no one expected to happen. Home fire damage happens quickly and is often avoidable with a little care. We stand ready to help you clean up from the fire and recover your life, but we also hope you never need to.