Do I need a mold inspection? Time to think outside the box

Recently, I was called to a home in Athens, GA to perform a mold inspection. The owner had been experiencing headaches and had determined that they were associated with something inside the home. In this case, the assumed cause was mold…

How To Follow Asbestos Regulations

If you are a contractor working in the state of Georgia, it is important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding asbestos. Most contractors learn the hard way when they are hit with stiff fines for non-compliance. A little education up front will go a long way in making sure you properly check for and […]

5 Things Contractors Need to Know About Asbestos

You have probably seen the class-action commercials on TV, but how much do you really know about asbestos? Your great-granddad may have been exposed to it on a Navy ship in World War II, or maybe you know someone suffering the effects of exposure after the World Trade Center collapsed. Chances are, you don’t stop […]

Where Does Mold Hide?

Mold exposure and mold poisoning can cause many different health issues, and it impacts everyone differently. Some symptoms of mold exposure may be simply a nuisance, and others may be more serious. If you have black mold in the shower, mold in the crawlspace, or you suspect mold is hiding behind your walls… chances are you […]

Prepare Your Pipes for Winter


It may be slow coming to us the year, but freezing temprature is around the corner and now is the time to get ready. Georgia’s mild winters often keep us from preparing our homes as we should. Cold tempratures can wreck havoc on plumbing, and a burst pipe will quickly rack up costly damages to […]

Do You Know How To Shut Your Water Off?


A water leak in your home can quickly go from an annoyance to an all-out catastrophe. As a broken toilet or dishwasher supply line spews water, the gallons quickly add up and damage to your home mounts. You may not be a plumber or even a handyman, but there is one thing you should be able […]

When Do I Need and Asbestos Inspection?

Great Question! I am glad you asked. Maybe you are interested in the health of your family and the people that will be working in your home. Maybe you are just trying to do the job right and comply with local regulations. Maybe someone has spooked you with the word Asbestos, or maybe you saw […]

Do I Need Air Samples?

Mold Symptoms

Do you think you may have mold in your home but don’t really know where to look. Is your family feeling sick? Are you experiencing headaches or allergy like symptoms? These are all mold symptoms and you have reason to be concerned. This is one of the most common calls we get, and people ask […]

How to Seal Floor Vents

seal floor vent

If you live in a house with a crawl space, there is a good chance the floor vents are not sealed. This is one of those things that can go unnoticed but have a big impact on your indoor environment over time. The good news is that we have an easy fix you can tackle […]

Mold on your Bathroom Ceiling?

bathroom mold

Prevention is Key to Indoor Mold Issues Because mold needs a source of water to sustain growth, preventing water is key in the fight against potential indoor mold issues. Your Home’s Bathroom Fans are there for a reason Naturally, we love to take hot showers. A hot shower produces steam in your house, and that […]