The Environmental Institute

At Branch, we feel that the more knowledge we have, the better our customers fare. Whenever we feel like we know all there is to know about what we do, it’s time to re-hit the books. So off to mold school we go!

The Course

This month we headed to the Environmental Institute in Marietta, GA for a 3-day seminar covering mold assessment and mold remediation in buildings.
The course was broken up into 20 sections, during which industry experts used visual aids and lectures to cover each topic. In addition to the traditional teaching methods, we used case studies and a hands-on workshop so that we could put what we learned into practice.

The main focus of the course was, of course, mold, and possible moisture sources among various building systems and HVAC systems. We covered mold remediation planning, remediation techniques, and project monitoring, as well as practical information like personal protective equipment and building operations and maintenance.

The Takeaway

We’ve been in the business for a while, so we’d hoped to come away with at least a gem or two. And we certainly did.

We learned that air sampling to detect a mold problem will almost always yield inconclusive and confusing results unless the technician employs an extensive sampling protocol. Unfortunately, it is often cost prohibitive to the customer for a mold assessment to include a properly designed air sampling component.

A thorough mold inspection covering the whole structure will usually produce superior results compared to a less thorough inspection coupled with limited air sampling.

How Our Ongoing Education Helps You

Since there are no federal regulations for mold assessment and remediation, there is potential for individuals and companies to advertise and perform mold assessment and remediation when they have not actually had any training to do so.

Our customers have peace of mind that Branch employs fully-trained and experienced mold inspection, assessment, and remediation technicians.
Branch wants to be on the forefront of the industry, and training like this course is one thing that will get us there. We do everything we can to better serve our customers.