Beware mold problem this fall

Fall is here, and with it comes football, colorful fall foliage, cooler temperatures, and mold.

That’s right, mold!

Here’s the reason: as the temperature begins to cool down outside, your air conditioner is not going to run as frequently, but it is not really cold enough yet to need heat.

Although the temperature inside your home may be within an acceptable range, the humidity can build to an unacceptable level since the air conditioner is not drying the air. This humid air may be enough to cause a mold problem. In addition, many people open their windows and doors to take full advantage of these wonderfully cool temperatures. All that “fresh” air coming in through open windows and doors is bringing a multitude of mold spores with it.

But don’t fear. We have a few simple tips to help prevent a mold problem in your home during the autumn months.

5 Ways to Prevent Indoor Mold this Fall

  1. Adjust the temperature on your thermostat to ensure that the air conditioner cycles at least a few times every day.
  2. Run ceiling and/or room fans to circulate air inside your home.
  3. Cycle your HVAC system fan at least a few times every day by switching the fan to “on” rather than “auto” on your thermostat to circulate air throughout the house. This also helps to clean the air because it is being pulled through the air filter(s).
  4. Limit opening windows and doors to times when the humidity is low outside.
  5. If you do open your windows, place an air filter (preferably a high efficiency pleated filter) over an open window on one end of your house and a box fan facing out an open window on the other end of your house to to draw in fresh “filtered” air.

Enjoy the cooler weather this fall, but don’t make the mistake of turning off your air conditioner to save money, just to end up with an expensive mold problem inside your home.

How Branch Environmental Can help

Branch Environmental is a full-service mold inspection, assessment, and remediation company.

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