Athens GA Asbestos Abatements & Inspections

Things are a little different here. Athens Georgia is a quirky mix of the big city and a small town. It’s vibrant and fast-paced, but not too fast to stop and get to know each other. We love it here.

Athens is growing, and growing pretty fast at that. Asbestos Inspections and Asbestos Abatements are one of the first items contractors face when starting a remodel project in Clarke County. We’ve been working right here in Athens since 1995, so we know a thing or two about how to keep your project on track.

When Do I Need an Asbestos Inspection in Athens?

Clark County will require you to show an asbestos survey any time you pull a demolition/renovation permit, or any time your permit will require you to disturb drywall or other potential asbestos containing material. You can save yourself an extra trip by taking care of it ahead of time.

Since we work right here in Athens, our asbestos inspectors can often schedule your survey within a few days. We will meet you onsite to discuss your project, determine the extent of materials that will be disturbed, and sample accordingly.

If your asbestos survey results are negative, you will have a letter to present to the Building Permit Office so you can begin work.

If asbestos is discovered, the positive materials will need to be abated before you can obtain your permit.

Does Athens Require Asbestos Abatements?

Yes. Technically, the USEPA and State of Georgia EPD require all asbestos containing materials to be removed by a licensed asbestos contractor and Clarke County enforces the regulation.

Branch Environmental is your one-stop-shop for getting rid of the asbestos so your project can proceed quickly and safely.

Why Stay Local…

You can find plenty of big-city firms that will be happy to bid your asbestos abatement. More times than not, you’ll be much better off working local.

Our abatement crews work out of our local office and we know the city well. Being close, we can keep costs down and better respond to contingencies as they arise. We want to get to know you and work together to accomplish the goals of your project.

We are a part of this city and the health of our environment, workers, and economy is very important to us.

We know that Athens is moving fast and you need to as well. We also know that you need a partner to guide you through your asbestos abatement. At Branch Environmental, we value what you are doing here in our city and our goal is to get your job done quickly, efficiently, and get it right the first time.

When Do I Need an Inspection or Abatement?

If you are heading to the county office to pull a permit, you need to conduct an asbestos inspection beforehand. Any project that involves interior renovation or demolition will need to have a current inspection prior to being issued a permit. Clarke County will ask for the appropriate documents when you go to the permit office.

Obtaining an asbestos inspection is as simple as giving us a call. We’ll get our inspectors scheduled and move you on to getting your permit.

If your inspection reveals asbestos, then an abatement must be completed before your permit may be issued. At this point, your inspection will have a good idea of your project and can quickly transition into the abatement phase of your project.

Once the asbestos abatement is compelte, Athens-Clarke County will issue your permit and you can move your project forward!