asbestos sample

Asbestos exposure can have serious effects on your health, decades after you’ve inhaled asbestos fibers. Unless you’re living in an older home, there is a good chance that you have never thought seriously about whether or not your home contains asbestos.

Generally speaking, the older the home, the greater the likelihood it contains asbestos, but there is no guarantee that newer homes are asbestos-free. Here are the answers to 3 questions addressing whether the air in your home is safe to breathe:

Q: What Materials In My Home Are Likely To Contain Asbestos?

A: Many common household materials contain asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials include drywall and drywall joint compound, ceiling texture (including stipple and popcorn), acoustical or drop ceiling tiles, resilient floor covering (vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet flooring), window glazing, caulks, mastics, pipe insulation, duct tape, sink undercoating, exterior siding, shingles, felt paper, roofing tar and metal roof paints.

Q: How Can I Find Out if My Home Contains Asbestos?

A: Asbestos fibers are too small to be seen without the use of a microscope. Samples of suspect materials should be sent to a lab for analysis to determine whether or not they contain asbestos. To conduct the sampling, it’s important to hire a licensed asbestos inspection firm in order to ensure that inspections are carried out appropriately and thoroughly.

Q: What Should I Do if My Home Contains Asbestos?

A: How you handle asbestos in your home depends on the type of material that is involved, its condition, and whether or not it will be disturbed. There is no regulation requiring the removal of undisturbed, intact asbestos-containing materials. But asbestos-containing materials must be abated—or carefully removed following specific guidelines—if they are going to be disturbed during renovation, repair, or demolition.

How Branch Environmental Can Help

Since 2000, Branch Environmental has been inspecting, assessing and abating asbestos. We have worked in homes, multi-family housing, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and commercial buildings to make the air safe for inhabitants.

Our team of experienced professionals possesses the knowledge and tools required to handle all of your asbestos-related needs. Call us at (706) 310-0097 or contact us today if you would like to schedule an asbestos inspection, request an abatement estimate, or simply have questions regarding the potential for asbestos in your home.