Let’s say you just went up to your attic for the first time in years this week to retrieve a special keepsake for your child’s graduation. As you open the door, you hear a fluttering sound, only to discover a colony of bats has made your attic their new home. You close the door and think to yourself – I can probably get rid of these bats on my own, right? Leaving out a few traps and some poisonous bat products will get the job done?

Considering bats carry lethal viruses, like rabies, there is never a circumstance in which you should try and remediate the situation on your own. If not for your health and safety, do it for your family’s safety. Here are 5 reasons why you need professional bat infestation help immediately:

1 – Bats Carry Rabies:

Need we say anymore? Bats are many times the number one carriers of rabies in nations, which is a lethal virus that can kill any person with a compromised immune system. Many times, bats can carry the virus for months and show zero classic signs of the infection (foaming mouth), etc. Professionals with proper extermination outfits and materials can trap the bats without exposing themselves directly to the rabies virus.

2 – Bat Droppings Can Breed Lethal Fungal Infections:

If not rabies, bat guano can become a hotbed of fungal activity. Respiratory and central nervous system infections can run rampant in these bat droppings, making the air itself dangerous – and potentially lethal – to anyone who breathes it. Professional bat exterminators have the proper aeration systems to ensure these airborne threats do not affect them.

3 – Bat Infestations Can Make Rooms Unstable:

After months of urinating and excreting on your insulation, home structure, and other building materials, this waste can start to actually burn through the integrity of your home. Especially attics, which tend to be less structured than your basement, can pose a threat to anyone standing on the floor. You can essentially fall right through, seriously injuring yourself without even realizing it.

4 – Bats Are Difficult to Catch:

Have you ever tried to catch a bird? It’s downright impossible. Well, bats are just as difficult, except they use echolocation to get around any space or interior. With this ability, they will be able to detect the placement of your body, making it very, very hard for you to trap the bats on your own.

5 – Bats Can Make a Serious Mess:

You have a family, a job, and a life you have to manage every single day. You don’t have time to not only patch up the openings the bats have been using, but also clean the bat guano, and make sure you stay a safe distance away from all of it to ensure you don’t contract anything. Hiring a professional just makes sense.

You don’t want to tamper with you and your family’s health. Unfortunately, bats can be a serious threat to your health and safety, which is why professional bat infestation health is paramount in any instance.