5 reasons to have asbestos inspection

Most people know that asbestos is dangerous to our respiratory health. But why should you hire out an asbestos inspection, and in what situations?

We’ve narrowed down five reasons to call an asbestos inspector out to your home or business.

Reason #1: Health

Asbestos is dangerous. Don’t risk your health or the health of others. Have an asbestos inspection before you unknowingly disturb asbestos containing building materials.

Reason #2: Remodeling and Renovating

Over the years, asbestos has been used in many building materials, including flooring, drywall, drywall joint compound, ceiling textures, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, mastics, caulks and more.

If you plan to do just about anything more than painting, you may disturb an asbestos containing material. A project as simple as installing recessed lighting will release asbestos fibers if the drywall and/or drywall joint compound contain asbestos. Be proactive and have an asbestos inspection before your next remodeling or renovation project.

Reason #3: Demolition

Partial or entire structure demolition has the potential to not only release asbestos fibers by disturbing asbestos containing materials, but it can also result in the creation of a hazardous waste site.

Improper demolition of asbestos containing materials may result in a contaminated demolition site and a contaminated dump site if the waste is not disposed properly. Who wants to be responsible for cleaning up a hazardous waste site? Protect yourself by having an asbestos inspection before you perform any interior, exterior, or whole-structure demolition.

Reason #4: Real Estate Transaction

Are you about to buy a house or investment property? Do you know if the structure was constructed using any asbestos containing materials? Did you know that any asbestos containing materials that will be disturbed during remodeling, renovation, or demolition will have to be abated before the project can proceed?

Don’t get stuck with an unforeseen asbestos abatement after the closing. Instead, consider an asbestos inspection prior to closing to identify asbestos containing materials. This will allow you to factor the cost of abatement into the purchase price.

Reason #5: Simply To Be Informed

Even if you are not planning any remodeling, renovation, or demolition activities, you may still want to have an asbestos inspection to identify any asbestos containing materials in your home or building. This will allow you to create a management plan for how to deal with asbestos containing materials in the future.

How Branch Environmental Can Help

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