Mold Inspection

It may come as a surprise that a professional mold inspection is a great thing to add when you are purchasing a home. Buyers often assume that the standard home inspection covers all the bases, but it can leave some key things out.

A mold inspection takes a comprehensive look at the home you are about to purchase, and can uncover issues that may cost you dearly in the long run.

Here are 5 reasons you should get a mold inspection even though you already have a home inspection.

1) Finding mold takes a trained & experienced eye

While your home inspector is focused on the mechanical systems and structure of the home, they are not specifically looking for the telltale signs that mold is hiding. Mold is a sneaky thing and can be very hard to detect. An otherwise clean house could easily pass a home inspection while mold is present.

2) With mold often comes water damage

It takes moisture for mold to grow. Therefore, the presence of mold means that excess moisture is entering from somewhere.

When we find mold, many times it is associated with a previously undiagnosed water leak, drainage issue, or humidity. Mold is often the indicator of a larger issue, and what better time to find that out then before you sign the deal!

3) A mold inspection will give you corrective steps

While a home inspection simply reports what is found, a mold inspection is focused on solutions. The goal is to identify any potential issues and give you the exact steps needed to correct the problem. You won’t be left guessing.

4) A mold inspection goes beyond the mold

A mold inspection is a comprehensive process. we start at the foundation and go to the attic. We look at most everything in between. In the course of a mold inspection we will get a good look at your mechanical systems, framing components, and other areas. We often find things related to the structure beyond mold, and we include all these items in your final report.

5) We see a lot of things home inspectors miss mold

The honest truth is that we work with a lot of people who have already moved into their new home and have discovered mold. Many times the mold was simply missed by home inspectors. It’s just not their expertise and not what they are trained to find.

Correcting mold issues can be a costly process, and if the issues are discovered before the purchase they can be accounted for or negotiated. After the keys are yours, it’s simply too late.

A small investment in a professional mold inspection while you are purchasing a new home can save an immense headache in the long run.